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Molyvos Lesvos Greece

What is common in these islands, is the individualism and the character. Beyond that all offer the simple joys of life such as crystal blue sea, unspoiled nature and villages, constant sunshine and beautiful beaches.

Most of these islands were colonised during the Dorian invasion in the 12th century BC and in the 7th and 6th century they were centres of brilliant civilisations, independed and powerful maritime centres.

Beside their natural attractions, all the large islands offer their visitors every facility and easy access.

  • North East Aegean Islands
    Chios Island Greece Chios
    Grand, nostalgic, discret, a real lady in the middle of Archipelagos gifted with a unique Ionic light and generous Mediterranean sun.
    Thassos Island Greece Thassos
    One of the most beautiful islands of Greece, combining sea and mountains. Excellent beaches, remote tiny bays, picturesque villages, busy night life. Connected to Kavala (international airport)
    Limnos Lemnos Island Aegean Islands Greece Limnos
    One of the prettiest harbours in Greece, beautiful beaches and picturesque, traditional villages untouched by modern-day tourism. It has international airport.
  • Map » Position of North East Aegean Islands

    Map of North East Aegean Islands Greece

More North East Aegean Islands

Lesvos (Mytelene) the home of Sappho and other great poets is an acquired taste, once you get a feel for the island you will find it difficult to leave. Samos -once the richest of the islands and the birthplace of many great men among them Pythagoras, Aristarchos and Eupalinos- is the most visited island.

Ikaria with its thermal therapeutic spa is delightful and relatively unspoiled. Samothaki is a quiet island, one of the least accessible and Agios Eustratios is suitable for day-trippers. Tiny Oinousses offer nice beaches and Fournoi (a pair of islets) are known for their picturesque harbours and the plentiful fishes. Psara became famous for their contribution during the War of Independence.