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- Tiny with exotic beaches
Psathi Kimolos Island Greece

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Koufonissia Islands (Koufonisia, Koufonissi, Koufonisi) are part of the Small Cyclades Islands, also known as the Little Cyclades, the Minor Cyclades and the Lesser Cyclades. Koufonissia are really two islands – Ano and Kato Koufonissia. Ano (Upper) is where it all happens, ferries call here, accommodation is here, shops are here. In spite of its tiny size, Koufonissia is a place to visit and offers high quality beaches and cosy island atmosphere.

In spite of its diminutive size, Koufonissia is becoming quite a trendy place to visit by virtue of its high quality beaches and cosy island atmosphere.

Dreamlike, picture-perfect golden beaches with crystalline emerald and turquoise waters circled by san dunes or sculpted rocky outcrops with their unique golden colors and many hidden coves. Koufonissia are ideal for both short island hopping trips or for longer stays.

  • Getting There

    Pano Koufonissi is connected to Naxos once / twice a day. The island can also be reached from Piraeus. It is also connected with frequent schedules to Iraklia, Schinoussa, Donoussa, Naxos, Amorgos and Santorini.

  • Getting Around

    On foot, caique, car or bicycle. Walking the south east coast is an experience. Excursion boats calls to various beaches of the island including Kato Koufonissi island where there is a sandy beach and a taverna.

Koufonissia Map

Koufonissia map

Touring Koufonissia

Hora & Beaches in Pano (Upper) Koufonissi
Beach at Koufonissi Standing on the grentle hill behind the quay is Hora, Koufonissi only settlement, with all the essential facilities. Its heavenly beaches- the majority of them are sandy- are part of the magic picture of the island.

Koufonissi is blessed with some oustanding beaches and a wild coastal landscape of low sand dunes punctuated by rocky coves and caves. A walk to along the south coast is an excellent way to access the island's beaches.

Yialos, Hora's beach, has fine sand and bright turquoise waters. Finikas, Fanos, Platia Punta are excellent beaches with fine golden sand. Northeast in Koufonisi is a superb stretch of sand at Pori. It is a big golden beach and for many people the most beautiful on the island. It is paradise on earth accessible by a road from the inland, or by scheduled boat.

Kato (Lower) Koufonissi It is located south to Pano Koufonisi and it's uninhabited. It has splendid turquoise beaches that can be visited by boats from Pano Koufonissi. Place of interest is the small church of Panagia that is built on the jetty. Kato Koufonissi is an untouched paradise that should not be missed.

Useful Info

Population: 300
Medical Center: 22850 71370
Police: 22850 71375

There are no banks on the island. Transactions are made via cash point machine.

More about Koufonissia

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