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Mainland Greece

  • Portaria Pelion, Magnesia, Thessaly
  • Monemvassia, Lakonia Peloponnese
  • Acropolis, Athens
  • Diros Caves in Lakonia Peloponnese
  • Vathia in Lakonia Peloponnese

Peloponnese: One of the most interesting regions in Greece. Excellent beaches, very fertile but with stony deserts too, cosmopolitan and remote resorts too. Numerous interesting sites such as Olympia the host in antiquity to the Olympic games, the palace of Agamemnon in Mycenae, the ancient theatre of Epidavros, the castles of Nafplio and Methoni, the Byzantine shells of Mystra and Monemvassia. A round of Peloponnese is highly recommended.

Sterea Ellada: Includes the prefecture of Attica where Athens is located and the prefectures of Boeotia (Thebes of Thiva), Fokida (Galaxidi, Nafpaktos and the site of ancient oracle Delphi), Fthiotida (plenty of sea side resorts), Aitoloakarnania (with the historical town of Messolongi) and Evritania (with Karpenisi and Mount Parnassos, the Greek Alpine scene).

Thessaly: Remarkable beauty with the famous rock monasteries at Meteora, the stunning Lake of Plastira, the beautiful coast of Larisa prefecture with the valley of Tempe and the flanks of Mount Olympos (the mount of the twelve ancient Greek Gods) and Magnesia prefecture with Pelion peninsula, famous for its beauty, with an Alpine with beaches scenery.

Epirous: It has a very strong regional identity, with mountains and passes, turbulent rivers, fantastic villages (Zagori villages, Metsovo), sea side sites (Preveza and beautiful Parga) and a ferry terminal (Igoumenitsa) for Corfu and Italy.

Macedonia: It is the largest region in Greece with Thessaloniki (Salonica) the capital, Halkidiki with fabulous beaches, Kastoria the lake city, Florina where snow is very common, Kavala city with ferry connections to Thassos Island, Edessa with the famous waterfalls, Prespa lakes, Drama and Serres prefectures with unique mountainous beauty, ancient sites, the tomb of Philip II the father of Alexander the Great.

Thrace: It is the eastern region of Greece away from the mass tourism, and it is very fertile, lush with mountains, rivers and valleys, a unique scenery.